Felaktiga SIEMENS injectorer

Beskrivning av problemet
Problemet är att när jag ligger på en högre växel och kanske behöver göra en omkörning så tappar motorn all kraft på grund av att motorstyrningen går in i ett nödläge och lampan för glödtändningen börjar blinka och jag är tvungen att stänga av motorn och starta igen och då fungerar bilen igen.

Det är en stor trafikfara att åka omkring i en sådan bil som man inte kan köra normalt

Jag har läst på många forum runt om i hela världen och nästan alla med 170 hk motorn på Audi Skoda och WW har samma problem. jag har skrivit mail till Audi men jag har inte fått något svar.
Lösning på problemet
Att Audi byter ut de felaktiga siemens injektorerna som de har gjort i England och i vissa fall i Sverige.
Övriga kommentarer
Detta är ett exempel från en engelsk sida som heter Audi sport net.

The last few official letters being sent out from the various VAG customer services have one theme in common:
They admit fault by refunding everyone
They admit fault by swapping the parts
They admit fault by not fighting the issue because they would lose
Except they don’t ever mention they are at fault. As a result we have a few hundred owners who have been refunded, a thousand injectors swapped out… but no instruction from VOSA or VAG, and no attempt, to contact the rest of the 170PS owners who are running around with injectors known to be defective and known to fail.

The safety decision has been made on behalf of these owners, until of course they fail, then they get the official letter, which pretends to look after them by issuing a “goodwill gesture” swap. The official letter also states that customers who feel they may get a failure may seek swaps…

This is where the problem is… this letter is only sent to people who ALREADY know about the issue… what about everyone else?

They don’t want the message to go public to the other owners. They have a duty to inform the customer of a safety issue and rectify it has been fulfilled… voluntarily. Our duty is not to turn a blind eye to this. Many things we benefit from every now and then are because a bunch of people like us, just got together and did it for everyone’s sake, from PPI scams to mislabelling food. A few fight, everyone else benefits.

Please join us, everyone who has been actively pushing the issue for their own sake and for others, and everyone who has just dropping in to say they have bee affected… join us in contacting the BBC Watchdog to highlight the issue in hope that we can get this problem solved pre-emptively for everyone though a recall and not after the dangerous failure has already taken place.

==== BBC WATCHDOG APPEAL===================================
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