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Klok synpunkt från Volvo-fan i Kanada

9 mars 2010

Jag fick ett mejl från Mr Larmon i Kanada, inbiten Volvo-ägare i Vernon. Han undrar om inte dagens bilar är överdatoriserade, apropå det som drabbat framför allt Toyota på senare tid.

Jag tycker att vår kanadensiske väns fråga är berättigad.

Så här skriver han:

"What has happened to Toyota has given the world a are over-computerized to the point where we now rely on computers to manage the communication between the driver, the brakes, and gas throttle.

A few years ago a Toyota tech told me that there were about 72 computers in a Lexus! After the warrantee is over, you sell it! ...he said.  Any car of high quality and reliability will sell well, takes time.

I have always owned Volvos (40 years); I still believe in Volvo quality over any american product! Good luck to Saab....a different focus is needed but make it simple!

/A.Larmon, Vernon, BC Canada"